Robert Fulton, Ph.D. is a professional translator and certified Yoga instructor. He earned his Doctorate in Comparative Literature from The University of Texas at Austin with an emphasis on Sanskrit, Ancient Greek and German philosophy and languages in conjunction with the Irish writer James Joyce. He has taught languages, Literature and Philosophy at UT-Austin, L’Università di Bologna, Vikaasa World School in Madurai, India and the Universiteit Antwerpen, where he was a Fulbright visiting professor. In addition, he has given lectures for the Indology Department at the University of Ghent on Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy. He is currently finishing a translation and commentary on Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Keenly interested in keeping a yogic balance between the mind and the body for over 20 years, Robert also completed the Teacher Training program at Antwerp Yoga with Elsie Matthijssens in 2015, with an emphasis on Vinyasa and Flow Series.

Previously he studied for many years under Bekir Algan of Austin (Texas) Yoga in Iyengar-styled Hatha and more recently with Wesley Bassett for Yin in Antwerp. He has participated in intensive Master Class workshops with Simon Low (Yin and Vinyasa), Nianna Rose Bray (Vinyasa Flow), Magnus Ringberg (Vinyasa and Body Work), Roger Cole (Iyengar/Hatha) and Jason Crandell (Master Class, Vinyasa).