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From the Moon to the Sun and Back
(a life circle through asana practice)

Asana-based Yoga workshop, by Giorgos Sioras Deligiannis, open to practitioners of all levels.

In this workshop, we will emphasize on the union of the opposites embracing our Yin and Yang, Yoni and Linga, our feminine and masculine energies. We will observe the flow that naturally exists between the two polarities inside us, through asana practice. Conscious, effortless actions do create energy and intentional active actions can release tensions. Reflecting our Yin inside our Yang and the Yang inside our Yin, we connect with the flow that we are, effortless, like a withered sunflower caring the seeds of the next generation.
Repetition can be a great tool for the yoga practice, nevertheless, this specific workshop emphasizes the uniqueness of each movement, while being in relation with both manifestations of our polarities. This process of “including”, relates to the meaning of yoga as union, creates space for bodily experience, and effortlessly expands our awareness. Yoga comes from a rich ancient tradition that inspires this workshop, which in relation to a modern approach, is adapted and influenced by today’s practices. The class will last two hours and will include pranayama, chanting, body awareness exercises, asana, and initial relaxation.

Giorgos Sioras Deligiannis is a yoga teacher and dancer artist based in Athens. During his yoga practice, body shape became no longer a goal but rather a bridge to dive inward. Since 2007, he started his personal journey in traditional yoga philosophy, Hatha, Kriya, Raja, Nidra yoga styles, Pranayama, and meditation both in Greece and India. Throughout 10 years of teaching, he developed techniques for the modern body to safely experience the benefits of traditional approach of yoga. Those techniques are elaborated in his teacher training courses, workshops, Hatha and Vinyasa classes.
As an artist, he considers performances as a tool with which interactions between body, space, and surroundings are challenged. His late work, ‘Selfy’ and ‘Regulatory Bodies’ presented in Greece and abroad raise questions of bodily identity. In 2015, he co-founded MĒTA platform- a social initiative for performing arts regarding research and creation.
Both yoga and dance complement each other in the way Giorgos’ perceives the body and its nature. His dancing background enriches his understanding of human body’s kinesiology, while yoga intrigues a movement from the shape (asana) to the experience of being.

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