ZON 30/01 

Met Elize Tikmane. 


Give yourself a treat – a workshop with enough time for yin, a decent amount of yang and plenty of time for relaxation and reflection. 

Yin Yang Immersion is a journey of 2 hours to fully study the body with the yin and yang elements in yoga asana, meditation and relaxation. In every workshop a different aspect of our bodies is in the spotlight – spine, hips, legs, centre, upper body, breath and balance. With a specific theme we focus on anatomy of asanas and theory of yoga. This is the time and space to explore your body’s potential, play with variations and gain deeper experience of movement and stillness.

30/1/22 Awakening of the Spine

In this workshop we explore the potential of our spines. In yoga (and in movement in general) the spine has an extremely important role. It is the central axis of the human body. In yoga the spine is viewed as the main energy channel which is the home of the full potential of every being. How to awaken your spine? How to feel it? How to move safely?

18/3/22 Unraveling the secrets of hips

Is it true that hips ‘contain our emotions’? Do they hide our deepest secrets? If your hips feel “stuck”, “closed” or the opposite – are said to be hyper flexible, this is a chance to explore the full range of motion of your hips. As well as the possible emotions that might come with it. 


Min. 6 deelnemers.

Aanmelden kan via https://www.supersaas.nl/schedule/Yoga_&_Co_vzw/Reserveren. Je inschrijving is pas geldig na betaling van het inschrijfgeld op: BE70 9731 6766 3625. Voorwaarden vind je bij ‘Prijzen’.